Young India Challenge (YIC) by Human Circle just completed one year on 31st October 2015 and we were at the College of Vocational Studies (CVS), Delhi University doing another YIC on this particular day.

Day 1, I enter CVS with the old usual self who wouldn’t allow anybody to sneak into my personal life, just to be there as a professional organizer. Moments after, I cross somebody who is known as Sonakshi (nicknamed Sona), I ask her few questions to get oriented with CVS and the place. On the first look itself, she seemed to be really cute and believe me when I say this, the other girls around were even not an iota close to her. I have always been told to speak softly and she is so soft spoken like really. I did get attracted to her charismatic personality all at once.

The agenda continued for the day and I wanted to order the cake for the anniversary celebration and I had to ask somebody to call that ‘pink shirt girl’ from the back of the auditorium. If I was her, I would have had already got pissed being called the same. I just asked her for a cake shop nearby and she took me to the shop. The to and fro walk together was our first conversation together and most of the time I found myself to be blabbering literal shit. Afterwards, I was troubling her with the cake delivery thing. The cake was delivered and now, we had to get the match sticks. The main road outside CVS is so busy and this girl crossed the road so hastily that for one moment I felt like we already lost her. Phew, nothing happened! She sent chills down my spine. I was shit scared. Next time maybe, I’ll lift her up and maybe then we can cross the road.

We had to hide the cake and she without a drop of an eyelash said that she’ll be with the cake in the girl’s common room which is practically girl’s wash room and she was there for about 1.5 to 2 hours before she came out. Who actually does that for a complete stranger?

I tried calling her that night but guess what she sleeps by 10 PM and wakes by 6 PM. Like really, that is so awesome. Coming back to the point, I couldn’t talk to her that night or I would have expressed my gratitude.

Next day, she was busy with her team preparations. I wanted to meet her but she was nowhere to be found. Later I got to know that they were in a class room on the top floor. My day passed doing all the usual stuff. I did not even see Sonakshi’s performance. Like always, I wrote sugar cubes for each and every one while the Award’s Night was going on. The last one on the list was you know who. I actually remember what I wrote. This was one of the most authentic and lengthiest sugar cube I have ever written. We also got a picture clicked which is lost for ever and I guess we both have fallen in love with that photograph. That was actually, the craziest picture I had in the whole album.

After everything got over and I really wanted to sit with Sona and chat with her about her experience. I was just copying the photos from the memory card and she waited for half an hour or more just for the 15 minutes auto rickshaw ride with me. She even told her friend to go. Her friend went alone and Sona came back after dropping her on the gate and then we left after a little while. I don’t know why girls do this but she paid the auto and then I had to pay her. Small things, isn’t it? But makes a lot of difference. A lot!

The YIC CVS came to an end and what I took back was much more – a friend, a real friend and a potential best friend (all in one person).

Later in the night, I posted a status on Facebook, which had a special mention for Sonakshi which really made many people write back to me that was has happened to me.

The days after YIC, were equally awesome. Conversing with each other about random stuff like hot water baths, my blog posts, ending words like this’ssssss’, etc. And the lost photo somehow brought us closer, thanks to our common mourning. The talks get better day by day.

I have really not met somebody like her till now. So simple, helping and supportive. Whatever, I wrote in the sugar cube, I mean it all without a doubt of an iota. Everything about her is just wonderful, especially the quirky Sonakshi. I can’t deny the fact that in these few days, I have been so much impacted by her that somewhere down the line I might have fallen for her and started liking her. I don’t think that is a bad thing. This is how human relations grow. I just want both of us to be together, in whatever way possible.

In all, I am happy that I met somebody like her. I really wish that we take this forward and just not leave it here because friends like her mean a lot. And she is someone special.

I don’t know what Sona (I have actually used her half name for the first time) thinks about me. Maybe she found me really boring and arrogant (this is what usually happens). But I have no clue about how to ask her out.

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